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After years of encouragement I have decided to make my photo's available publicly and have been diligently working my way through a library of over 50,000 digital photos and have a start here.

I live on a ranch in Beautiful British Columbia Canada, 50 miles up the famous Alaska Highway near the city of Fort St. John. I am blessed with a photographers dream right on my doorstep full of landscapes, rolling hills, rivers, lakes, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, northern lights and of course wildlife.

Because of my rural base, I have kept my file sizes below 4 MB to facilitate upload and viewing, but most are high quality images capable of being enlarged.

I will be adding a selling component to the site soon, but can fulfill local orders at any time.

So please take a peek and enjoy!

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I became interested in photography when I was about ten years old and since then have always had a camera, or two, or three...

I have lived most of my life in Beautiful British Columbia and was fortunate to always have spectacular landscapes to shoot. As digital photography has taken over and the price for good equipment has come into the range of the non-professional shooter, I have spent many enjoyable hours searching for and having incredible good fortune finding great wildlife to shoot.

This picture is a self portrait, on a perfect day with my loyal red Border Collie Montana, shooting Bighorn sheep.

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